Stopping Junk Mail (Spam)

Evolution can check for junk mail for you. When the software detects mail that appears to be junk mail, it will flag it and hide it from your view. Messages that are flagged as junk mail are displayed only in the Junk folder.

The junk mail filter can learn which kinds of mail are legitimate and which are not if you train it. When you first start using junk mail blocking, check the Junk folder to be sure that legitimate mail doesn't get flagged as junk mail. If good mail, is incorrectly flagged, remove it from the Junk folder by right-clicking it and selecting Mark as Not Junk. If Evolution misses junk mail, right-click the message, then click Mark as Junk. When you correct it, the filter will be able to recognize similar messages in the future, and will become more accurate as time goes on.

To change your junk mail filtering preferences, click Tools > Settings, then click Mail Preferences. In the mail preferences tool, click the Junk tab for the following options:

Checking Incoming Mail for Junk: This option turns automatic junk mail filtering on or off.

Include Remote Tests: This option uses tests that require a network connection, such as checking to see if a message is in a list of known junk messages, or if the sender or gateway are blacklisted by anti-spam organizations. Remote tests add to the amount of time it takes to check for junk mail, but increase accuracy.

For additional junk mail settings, see Receiving Mail Options.