IMAP Subscriptions Manager

Because IMAP folders exist on the server, and opening them or checking them takes time, you need fine-grained control over the way that you use IMAP folders. You use the IMAP subscriptions manager to do this. If you prefer to have every mail folder displayed, you can select that option as well. However, if you want to choose specific items in your mailbox, and exclude others, you can use the subscription management tool to do that.

  1. Select Tools > Subscribe to Folders.

  2. If you have accounts on multiple IMAP servers, select the server where you want to manage your subscriptions. Evolution displays a list of available files and folders.

  3. Select a file or folder by clicking it. You should select at least the Inbox folder. Depending upon the way your IMAP server is configured, the list of available files might include non-mail folders. If it does, you can ignore them.

  4. Click Subscribe to add a folder to the subscribed list.

  5. When you have subscribed to the folders you want, close the window.