D.3 Partitioning with YaST

When you select the partitioning item in the suggestion window for the first time, YaST displays a dialog listing the partition settings currently proposed. You can accept these current settings without change or change them before continuing. Or you can discard all the settings and start over from scratch.

Nothing in the partitioning setup is changed if you select Accept Suggested Partitioning Setup. If you select Change Suggested Partitioning Setup, the Expert Partitioner opens. The Expert Partitioner lets you configure the partition setup in great detail. This is explained in Using the YaST Expert Partitioner. The original setup as proposed by YaST is offered there as a starting point.

Selecting Create Custom Partitioning Setup opens the Preparing Hard Diskā€”Step 1 dialog. Use the list to select from the existing hard disks on your system. Novell Linux Desktop is installed on the disk selected here.

The next step is to determine whether to use entire disk (Use Entire Hard Disk) or to use any existing partitions (if available) for the installation. If a Windows operating system was installed on the disk, you might be asked to delete or resize the partition. Before doing so, read Resizing a Windows Partition. If desired, go to the Expert Partitioner dialog to create a custom partition setup at this point (see Creating a Partition).

WARNING:If you select Use Entire Hard Disk, all existing data on that disk is completely erased later in the installation process and is then lost.

YaST checks during the installation to see if the disk space is sufficient for the software selection made. If not, YaST automatically removes parts from the software selection as needed. The suggestion window then includes a notice to inform you about this. As long as there is sufficient disk space available, YaST simply accepts your settings and partitions the hard disk accordingly.