3.1 Setting Up a Network Installation Source for Service Pack Media

As with the initial installation of NLD, it is much more efficient having a central installation source on your network to serve all clients rather than installing all of them separately using a set of physical media. The setup of this installation server is very similar to the one described in Setting Up the Server Holding the Installation Sources.

3.1.1 Configuring a Network Installation Source on SLES 9 Using YaST

Basically, follow the procedure outlined in Setting Up an Installation Server Using YaST on SLES 9. Just add another installation source called NLD-9-SPx (where x is the number of the Service Pack) and make it available via NFS, HTTP, or FTP.

3.1.2 Manual Setup of a Network Installation Source

The procedure for manual setup of a network installation source is very similar to the one described in Setting Up the Server Holding the Installation Sources. A few minor changes have to be applied to the procedures for setting up NFS, FTP, HTTP, and SMB installation sources.

When copying the installation media, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Change to the directory that is already holding the original installation media of NLD (in this example, /install/nld) by entering

    cd /install/nld
  3. Create a new subdirectory called NLD-9-SPx (replacing x with the number of the SP) by entering

    mkdir NLD-9-SPx
  4. Copy the contents of each CD to their own subdirectory.

  5. Create the following symbolic links:

    ln -s NLD-9-SPx/CD1/boot boot
    ln -s NLD-9-SPx/CD1/content content
    ln -s NLD-9-SPx/CD1/control.xml control.xml
    ln -s NLD-9-SPx/CD1/media.1 media.1
  6. Create a subdirectory called yast and then change to this directory by entering

    mkdir yast
    cd yast
  7. Create a file called order which determines which media (original source vs. Service Pack) should be searched for and installed first.

    A valid order file for NLD would look like the following example:


    Replace x with the actual number of the Service Pack. This order file tells the installation routines to first install the original NLD sources and then apply the SP sources on top of that.

  8. Make the sources available via NFS, FTP, or HTTP as described in Manual Setup of an NFS Installation Source, Manual Setup of an FTP Installation Source, Managing an SMB Installation Source, or Manual Setup of an HTTP Installation Source, respectively.