5.4 Using DHCP

If a DHCP server is set up on your network, the DHCP server can inform the Novell Client of network-specific configuration information.

You can easily configure Novell DHCP servers (NetWare® 5 and later) to distribute this information to the clients. See the Novell DNS/DHCP Services for NetWare Administration Guide for more information.

Clients obtain configuration information from DHCP even when you statically configure the clients' IP addresses or even when the DHCP server used to supply the information is different from the DHCP server supplying an IP address to the clients.

5.4.1 Using DHCP as an eDirectory Server Name Service Provider

You can set up a DHCP server to inform Novell Client workstations that use the IP protocol about an eDirectory tree name and the IP addresses of servers that are on that tree. When using this feature, it is best to specify the IP addresses of the closest eDirectory servers containing partitions with the user information.

5.4.2 Using DHCP to Distribute SLP Configuration Information

You can configure the following SLP parameters through DHCP:

  • IP Address of SLP Directory Agents

  • SLP Scopes

5.4.3 Using DHCP to Distribute IPX Compatibility Information

You can configure the following IPX compatibility parameters through DHCP:

  • IP Address of Migration Agents

  • CMD Network Number

  • Migration Agent List Stale Time