A.2 Login Restrictions Set for IPX/SPX Prevent User from Logging In

Login restrictions are set for IPX/SPX™ and the node address. When the administrative workstation is reset, the new client files are automatically updated and the reboot prompt is displayed. After restarting, the workstations that are placed in the restriction list as being able to log in as admin and that now have the new client cannot log in and no administration of the server can be done.

This is a problem with preferring the IP protocol. The allowed addresses assigned in eDirectory are IPX addresses. If the server is bound to IP, the clients are designed to prefer this protocol by default. The result is that the client is attempting to log in to the server using IP but the address is restricted to allow only IPX addresses, causing an authentication failure. This is because the IP address is not stored in eDirectory.

To avoid the problem, do not bind IP to the server until static IP addresses have been assigned. Or, change your protocol preference to IPX.