3.2 Using Setup Parameters with the Novell Client Installation

There are several customized parameters that you can use during the installation by running the installation from the command line. These include special accessibility settings, status logging, automatic client upgrade, and others.

  1. Click Start > Run.

  2. Type the path to the software followed by a space, a slash (/), and then the parameter.

    path_to_the_software\setupnw.exe [/u] [/u:path_to_an_unattend_file] [/sl] [/sl:path_to_status_log_file] [/acu] [/508] [/?]

The following table explains the setup parameters.

Table 3-1 Windows 2000/XP Setup Parameters




Use settings in the default configuration (unattend) file, unattend.txt.


Use settings in the specified configuration (unattend) file, specified in the path given.


Create status log entries in the default status file, status.log.


Create status log entries in the specified status log file, specified in the path given.


Automatically upgrade the client if it is an older version.


Enable special accessibility options in accordance with the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 Section 508.


Display help screen for setup parameters.