A.1 Installation

A.1.1 IPX Compatibility Mode and the IPX Internal Network Number

Workstations using IPX Compatibility Mode cannot have an IPX internal network number configured. If you have configured an IPX internal network number on your workstation and you plan to install the Novell IP Client with IPX Compatibility Mode, then remove the IPX internal network number before installing the client.

A.1.2 Novell Client Cannot Install If the Local Area Connection Page Is Open

The Novell Client cannot be installed on Windows XP if the Local Area Connection Properties Page is open. Close this page before running the Novell Client install.

A.1.3 Uninstall Novell Client First When Upgrading the Windows Operating System

If you are upgrading your Windows operating system on workstations that already have the Novell Client installed, you must first uninstall the Novell Client to ensure a clean upgrade.

On Windows XP, you can install the client software from the network on workstations running the Microsoft Client Service for NetWare®. Run the install by logging in to the server using bindery emulation.

A.1.4 NDPS Update Required on NetWare 5.1

An update to NDPS® is required to solve a client hang. Install the dprpcnlm.nlm file, dated 22 Nov 2000 or later. This update is included in NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 3. Refer to TID 10062546.

A.1.5 Password Issues

We recommend that administrators configure Windows workstations to not use any of the Microsoft password restrictions available in User Manager. Novell Client for Windows works best if password restrictions are left up to eDirectory.

For more information on Novell's Universal Password and advanced password management, see Section 6.2, Managing Passwords.