9.2 Uninstalling Network Components Using Update Agent or ACU

You can uninstall network components from Novell Client software by using either the Update Agent (if it has been configured) or the Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU). This lets you uninstall components that are no longer in use in your network.

  1. (Conditional) If you are using the Update Agent to uninstall network components, ensure that it has been configured.

    Update Agent needs to be configured during a software installation or upgrade. You can enable Update Agent using ACU or you can enable it locally on each workstation. See Enabling the Novell Client Update Agent by Using ACU Without Installing Novell Client Software or see Enabling the Novell Client Update Agent on a Local Workstation.

  2. Modify the acu.ini file so that the components you want to uninstall are set to Yes in the [UNINSTALL] section of the .ini file.

    See Modifying the ACU Configuration File for more information.

  3. Run Update Agent or run ACU from the login script.

    See Installing and Upgrading the Novell Client on Multiple Workstations.

The components are uninstalled.