3.3 Configuring Network Protocols

After you install the Novell Client, make sure that it is configured correctly for your network.

IMPORTANT:Before you configure network protocols, make sure you have the correct information and any addresses needed. If you configure protocols incorrectly, the workstation cannot connect to the network, or it might conflict with other workstations using the same address.

  1. Right-click My Network Places, click Properties, right-click Local Area Connection, select the protocol that you want to configure, then click Properties.

  2. Configure the protocol options on each tabbed page, then click OK.

    For example, if your network uses DHCP to assign IP addresses automatically, click the IP Address tab and then click Obtain IP Address Dynamically. Or, if you must use a static IP address, click Specify an Address and type a valid IP address.

    HINT:Click the question mark in the upper right corner, then click in any field for more information about that field.

  3. Click OK.

    You might be prompted to supply the Windows operating system CD. If you do not have access to the correct files, you might not be able to create a network connection.

You should now set the Novell Client properties for the workstation. See Section 5.0, Setting Client Properties.