1.3 Net Folder Configuration

  1. Follow the steps in Section 1.1, Changing Configuration Options for the Filr Appliance.

    You can modify the following configuration options:

    The configuration options on this page affect only Full synchronizations. These settings do not affect Just-in-Time synchronizations. (For more information about the difference between Full and Just-in-Time synchronization, see Section 8.1.4, Planning the Synchronization Method.)

    Allow Synchronization: Select this option to allow Full Synchronization for Net Folders on the appliance.

    IMPORTANT:This setting must be selected for at least one Filr appliance in the cluster. If it is not, no full synchronizations can take place on the Filr system (either scheduled or manual synchronizations).

    Max Simultaneous Syncs: Number of Net Folders that can be synchronized simultaneously. The default is 5.

    Threads Per Sync: Number of threads that each synchronization can use. The default is 4.

    For optimal performance, modify this value to be equal to the number of CPUs on the appliance, multiplied by 1.5. For example, if your appliance has 2 CPUs, change this value to 3.

    The max value that you can set is the number of CPUs on the appliance multiplied by 3. For example, if your appliance has 2 CPUs, the max value is 6.

  2. Click OK, then click Reconfigure Filr Server for your changes to take effect.

    This stops and restarts your Filr server. Because this results in server downtime, you should restart the server at off-peak hours.

For information about how to set up Net Folders for your Filr site, see Section 8.0, Setting Up Net Folders.