1.0 Hands-on Evaluation Options

You have two options for evaluating Novell Filr in a Windows AD environment:

Novell Online Demonstration System (NODS)

Figure 1-1 Evaluating Filr on the Novell’s Online Demo System

Novell hosts the Filr hands-on VMs on the Novell Online Demonstration System (NODS).

If you are interested, go to the Novell.com How to Buy page and request that a Novell Sales Representative contact you.

If you are working on NODS, start with Section 6.1, If You Are Evaluating Filr on NODS.

Your Own Network—Choosing a Deployment Type

To evaluate Filr on your network, you must choose a deployment type.

Continue with Section 2.0, Hands-on System Requirements.