3.4 Assessing Your Organization’s Needs

Begin your planning process by assessing your organization’s needs for Filr. The following steps can help you get started. The Filr 1.1 Planning Worksheet sections match the steps and the sections that follow.

  1. Discuss what is happening within the organization on the file-access and file-sharing fronts.

  2. Identify key business drivers for access, sharing, and so on.

  3. Identify security policies that must be complied with.

  4. Identify any compliance and regulatory standards that must be met.

  5. Identify Filr use-case scenarios.

  6. Clearly define each use case.

    The sample planning worksheet contains questions you might ask as you create the use cases.

  7. You can configure Filr to display a corporate logo or other branding images.

    Does your organization have user interface branding requirements?