2.5 Accessing Public Files and Folders

Public files are files that have been shared with the public. The ability to make files and folders available to the public must be enabled by your Filr administrator.

To access public files and folders:

  1. In the masthead, click Public .

You can hide this option so that it is no longer displayed in the web client:

  1. Click your linked name in the upper right corner of any Filr page.

  2. Click Personal Preferences, then select Hide ‘Public’ Collection.

  3. Click OK.

For information about how to make a file or folder publicly available, see Section 3.3, Sharing Files and Folders.

Users who do not have a Filr user account can enter the Filr site as a guest user (as described in Section 1.2.1, Accessing Novell Filr from a Web Browser) and view all items that have been shared with the public.