13.0 Configuring Mobile Device Access to the Filr Site

Filr provides the capability for users to access Filr content via the Filr mobile app on a mobile device.

You can enable this functionality for all users in the Filr system, or for individual users and groups. By default, this functionality is not enabled.

In addition to enabling mobile device access for the Filr site, Filr also provides native controls to limit certain actions that users might perform within the Filr mobile app that are related to security. For example, you can restrict users from cutting or copying data and pasting it into another app. If you are using Filr in conjunction with an MDM solution, such as ZENworks Mobile Management, settings made within the MDM solution override any setting made within the Filr administration console.

If you make configuration changes, users must log out of the app and log in again in order to see the changes.