1.15 Viewing and Updating the Filr License

You can view information about your current Filr license, as well as update your Filr license.

Filr ships with a 60-day evaluation license. You need to update this license to a full product license.

IMPORTANT:If you are running Filr in a clustered environment, you must update the license for each Filr appliance in the cluster.

The database and search index appliances do not require a license.

  1. Follow the steps in Section 1.1, Changing Configuration Options for the Filr Appliance.

    On the License page, the Current License Information section displays information about your current Filr license, including the date it was issued and the number of days from the issue date that the license is valid.

  2. To update your Filr license:

    1. In the Update License section, browse to and select a new valid license-key.xml file that you have previously downloaded to your workstation.

      You can obtain a new valid license key from the Novell Customer Center (NCC).

    2. Reconfigure the Filr server by clicking the Reconfigure Filr Server button that appears in the Configuration column.