8.7 Setting Global Net Folder Configuration Options

To modify global configuration options that affect all Net Folders in your Filr system:

  1. Log in to the Filr site as the Filr administrator.

    1. Launch a web browser.

    2. Specify one of the following URLs, depending on whether you are using a secure SSL connection:


      Replace Filr_hostname with the hostname or fully qualified domain name of the Filr server that you have set up in DNS.

      Depending on how you have configured your Filr system, you might not be required to enter the port number in the URL. If you are using NetIQ Access Manager, the Filr login screen is not used.

  2. Click the admin link in the upper-right corner of the page, then click the Administration Console icon .

  3. Under Management, click Net Folder Settings.

    The Net Folder Global Settings page is displayed.

    The following options are available:

    Enable Just-in-Time synchronization of Net Folders: Select this option to allow Just-in-Time synchronization to be enabled for Net Folders in your Filr system. You can enable or disable Just-in-Time synchronization on specific Net Folder Servers or Net Folders.

    • Maximum wait time for results (in seconds): When a user clicks on a folder, the Just-in-Time operation retrieves the information for x seconds (x being the number that you specify). If the operation has not completed its work within x seconds, it returns to the user the work it has done up to that point, and the work continues in the background. The default is 5 seconds.

    For more detailed information about configuring Just-in-Time synchronization at a global level, see Section 8.6.1, Enabling Just-in-Time Synchronization for the Filr System. For more generic information about Just-in-Time synchronization, as well as how to enable it for specific Net Folders, see Section 8.6, Enabling Just-in-Time Synchronization.

    Use directory rights in addition to file system rights: When this option is selected, Filr consults eDirectory for user and group rights information when accessing files and folders on the file system via a Net Folder. Users and groups who have inherited Supervisor rights on the NCP server object (and therefore have implicit rights on the volume) in eDirectory are considered as trustees.

    This option is enabled by default. You might want to disable this option if no users are inheriting Supervisor rights from eDirectory. If users are inheriting Supervisor rights from eDirectory, disabling this option might affect users’ ability to access certain files.

    Changes made to this option take effect at the system level the next time the Filr server is restarted, or they take effect on a Net Folder Server the next time the Net Folder Server is reconfigured.

    Refresh cached rights information every xx Minutes: Specify the frequency that the Filr server checks the rights information from the OES file system and from eDirectory. (The option Use directory rights in addition to file system rights must be selected in order for Filr to check the rights information from eDirectory.)

    The default for refreshing cached rights information is every 5 minutes.

    Rights information is available in Filr only after one of the following occurs since the last successful cache refresh:

    • Someone triggers Just-in-Time synchronization on the folder.

    • A Full (manual) synchronization is triggered on the folder.

      For information about how to perform a manual synchronization, see Synchronizing a Net Folder and Synchronizing a Net Folder Server.

    • A scheduled synchronization is triggered on the folder.

    IMPORTANT:The Refresh cached rights information every xx Minutes option affects only OES file systems; NetWare, Windows, and SharePoint file systems are not affected.

    With NetWare file systems, rights information is refreshed every 60 minutes.

    With Windows and SharePoint file systems, rights information is refreshed by Full (manual) synchronizations, scheduled synchronizations, and JITS operations if enabled.

    In light of this, managing Net Folder synchronization options is critical to Filr being able to reflect users' current rights. It is also inevitable that Net Folder users might not see rights changes immediately reflected by Filr.

  4. Click OK.