9.3 Preparing an Additional Network Interface Controller (NIC) to Be Upgraded

If your Filr 1.1 system has been configured with additional Network Interface Controllers (NICs), you need to run a script that prepares the additional NICs to be upgraded to Filr 1.2. If you fail to run the script, only the primary NIC is migrated to the Filr 1.2 system.

  1. Download the networkprep.zip file from the same location where you downloaded the Filr software in the Novell Customer Center (NCC).

  2. Enable SSH on the Filr appliance, as described in Changing System Services Configuration in the Novell Filr 1.2 Administration Guide.

  3. Using an SSH client (such as WinSCP), login to the Filr appliance as the root user.

  4. Copy the networkprep.zip file that you downloaded in Step 1 to the /root/ directory on the Filr appliance.

  5. Unzip the networkprep.zip file:

    unzip networkprep.zip

    The networkprep folder is created.

  6. Change to the network prep folder:

    cd /root/networkprep

  7. Run the following script to prepare the Filr 1.1 system for the upgrade to Filr 1.2:

    sh run-networkprep.sh

  8. Shut down the remote SSH connection to the Filr appliance.

  9. Continue with Section 9.4, Upgrading the Filr, Search, or Database Appliances.