14.2 Web Application for Browsers

Web browser access to Filr is enabled by default. Filr users can browse and access files in their My Files and assigned Net Folders areas. They can also access files and folders that have been shared with them in Shared with Me, and they can see what they have shared in Shared by Me.

If file downloading is enabled, users can download files to their local drives for modification, and so on, and if they have the required Filr role and sufficient rights on the back-end file server, they can then upload the files back to the network with content changes intact.

Browser access is intuitive and convenient. However, the Filr 2.0 desktop applications are integrated with Windows Explorer and Mac Finder and are the recommended option for desktop users who need seamless and synchronized access with back-end file servers.

The Configure Web Application dialog (below) (Administration Console > System > Web Application) shows the controls that administrators have over web browser access to Filr.

For Administrative instructions and information, see Configuring User Access to the Filr Site in the Filr 2.0: Administration Guide.

Information for web application users is in the Filr 2.0: Web Application User Guide.