1.3 Accessing Filr from a Web Browser

In addition to starting Filr from a web browser as discussed in this section, you can also access Filr from your desktop or from a mobile device, as described in Section 1.2.2, Accessing Filr from Your File System and Section 1.2.3, Accessing Filr from a Mobile Device.

To start Filr from a web browser:

  1. Launch a web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).

  2. Go to the URL of your corporation’s Filr site.

  3. (Conditional) If Guest access has been enabled on your Filr site, you can click Enter as guest on the login dialog box to log in to the Filr site as the Guest user. (Only items that have been shared to the public are available to the Guest user.)

  4. In the User ID field, specify your Filr user name.

  5. In the Password field, specify your Filr password.

    If you do not know your Filr user name and password, contact your Filr administrator.

    The Forgot your password? button applies only if you are an external user (you were invited to the Filr site through an email invitation). If this is your company’s Filr site, you are most likely an internal user and you cannot change your password by using this feature.

  6. Click Sign In.