Novell Filr 1.0.1 Web Application User Guide

  Novell Filr 1.0.1 Web Application User Guide
    Getting Started
      About Novell Filr
      Accessing Novell Filr
      Accessing Novell Filr from a Web Browser
      Getting to Know the Novell Filr Web Interface and Its Features
      Modifying Your Profile
      Displaying Help Documentation
      Logging Out
    Getting Informed
      Finding What’s New
      Accessing Shared Files and Folders
      Accessing Files and Folders in the Corporate File System (Net Folders)
      Accessing Your Personal Files (My Files)
      Searching for Information
      Subscribing to a Folder or File
    Sharing Files and Folders
      Understanding Access Rights
      Sharing Files
      Sharing Folders
      Sharing with People Outside Your Organization
      Viewing Items You Have Shared
      Viewing Items Others Have Shared with You
      Hiding Items in the Shared with Me and Shared by Me Views
      Modifying or Removing a Share
      Obtaining URLs (Permalinks) of Shared Files and Folders
    Managing and Using Folders
      Creating a New Folder
      Renaming a Folder
      Deleting a Folder
      Undeleting a Folder
      Copying a Folder
      Moving a Folder
      Adding Files to a Folder
      Adding Files to a Folder through WebDAV
      Viewing Who Has Access to a Folder
      Subscribing to Email Notifications from a Folder
      Configuring Folder Columns
      Configuring the Number of Files to Display on a Folder Page
      Using Filters on Folders
      Sending an Email to Folder Contributors
    Performing Administrative Tasks on Your Folders
      Configuring Folders to Send Email Notifications to Other Users
    Working with Files
      Creating a File Entry
      Commenting on a File
      Editing a File
      Viewing Files in Read-Only Mode
      Viewing Who Has Access to a File
      Downloading Files
      Renaming Files
      Moving Files
      Copying Files
      Deleting a File
      Undeleting a File
      Marking a File as Read
      Marking a File as Unread
      Subscribing to Email Notifications about a File
      Sending an Email to File Contributors
    Using Novell Filr on Your Mobile Device
    Managing Filr Files from Your Desktop
    Restoring Deleted Items
      Rights Associated with Undeletion
      Undeleting Folders and Files
      Undeleting Files in Net Folders
    Managing Your Data Quota
      Understanding Data Quotas
      Viewing Your Data Quota
      Adding Files to the Filr Site When You Are Over Your Quota
      Using Net Folders When You Are Restricted by a Data Quota
      Adding Files Through WebDAV When You Are Restricted by a Data Quota
      Making Disk Space Available by Purging Deleted Items
    What’s New in Novell Filr 1.x
      Mobile App Enhancements (v1.0.2)
      Desktop Application Enhancements
      Unable to Edit Files on Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2007 or Later
      You Are Unable to Change Your Filr Password
      Files Disappeared from Shared with Me or Shared by Me
      Too Many Sign-Ins for WebDAV
      WebDAV Phantom Folders
      Unable to Open Pictures from WebDAV in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
      Unable to Move Files and Folders within the WebDAV Interface
      Unable to Edit Files
      Cannot Upload a File Because it Is Too Large
      Files that Contain Extended or Double-Byte Characters in the Filename Are Corrupt After a ZIP File Is Extracted
    Accessibility for People with Disabilities
      New Windows Opened without Notification
      Text Added to a Page Is Not Conveniently Available
      Drop-Down List Access
    Legal Notices