1.1 Logging In to Novell Messenger

  1. Open Novell Messenger, using the Novell Messenger Icon icon on your desktop.

  2. Type your user ID in the User ID field.

  3. Type your password in the Password field.

  4. Select Remember Password if you want the system to not ask you for your password again.

    The user ID and password you use to log in to Novell Messenger is your directory (Novell eDirectory) user ID and password, which might not be the same as your GroupWise user ID and password. Check with your system administrator if you don't know your password.

  5. Click Advanced.

  6. Type your server name in the Server field.

  7. Type your port number in the Port field.

    If you are not sure what to type in the Server and Port fields, contact your system administrator.

  8. Click OK.

When you log in to Novell Messenger, the Messenger Online Icon Novell Messenger icon is added to the notification area for Windows and Linux. For Macintosh, the Messenger Macintosh Icon Novell Messenger icon is added to the dock.