Bug ID Short Description
122379 Messes up X paste buffer
146706 Add Chat Room Properties menu item to the Actions menu of the Chat Room window.
147122 GW and IM are not universal password compliant
161019 Admin user & password stored in plain text in startup files
168207 Monitor web console requires login every time
173666 Unable to connect to server after upgrading to GAIM 2.0.0 Beta 3
233109 Add support for Groupwise chat rooms to the Groupwise plugin for GAIM
344283 Messenger is crashing
462808 Migrating GroupWise Messenger Archives causes them to be unreadable
486010 Messenger crash
528562 Default setup path is not following product standards
535513 Messenger memory consumption shoots up
536571 Icon does not bounce in Dock on Snow Leopard (10.6)
552950 Novell Messenger 2.0.5 for Mac pop-up notification window always shows first received msg
555736 SEGV while gwimclient-linux.rpm installtion on opensuse-11.2
556943 Messenger fails to launch
581905 Possible bug with large history file.
587583 2.1 client will not remember screen position of contact list
605597 Novell Messenger still shows a GroupWise messenger splash on Installation
607964 The red Novell N is in the contact list and is over some of the names
610669 My entire contact list is not always shown
620062 AOT file for ZfD broken
630399 Messenger causes intruder lockout hits and grace login hits from expired and or casched passwords
637963 Can not exit messenger on Mac Snow Leopard
639374 Messenger client for Windows fails to start meeting for conferencing