5.6 Enhancing Archive Security with SSL Encryption

Messenger archive security is initially established with the archive passphrase, as described in Section 5.1, Establishing the Master Archive Agent. The passphrase enables the Archive Agent to encrypt conversations as they are saved on disk.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures secure communication between programs by encrypting the complete communication flow between the programs. The Installation program required configuring the messaging agent for SSL encryption, as described in Installing a Novell Messenger System in the Novell Messenger 3.0 Installation Guide.

You can also modify the SSL cipher suite if you need to disable certain ciphers that do not work in your environment. The ciphers suite can be modified both on the Archive Agent and the Messaging agent.

IMPORTANT:Unless you are required to modify the cipher suite for your environment, consider carefully before you make any changes as this decreases the security of your Messenger system.

The cipher list must be in OpenSSL format. For more information on OpenSSL format, see Cipher List Format.

To modify the SSL cipher suite use the /sslciphersuite startup switch.