8.2 Limiting Physical Access to Client Workstations

Beginning with Messenger 3.0, Messenger supports multiple client connections. This means that a user can be connected to the Messenger system on the workstation in their office, while at the same time being connected from their laptop and mobile phone.

This might be viewed as a potential security concern because another user could access sensitive information on an unattended device or even masquerade as the real user by sending messages from the device. In previous versions of Messenger this wasn’t as much of a concern because only one connection was allowed at a time, so connecting to Messenger on one device would disconnect Messenger on the device where it was already running.

If you feel that allowing multiple simultaneous client connections to your Messenger system is a security concern, you can disable this ability:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click either the default policy (all users), a user policy (users governed by the policy), or a user, then click Properties.

  2. Deselect Enable users to connect to multiple clients simultaneously.

  3. Click OK to save the settings.

For more information about editing the user policy settings, see Section 3.4.1, Editing the Default User Policy.