1.0 What Is Novell Messenger?

Novell Messenger is a corporate, cross-platform instant messaging product that is based on NetIQ eDirectory. Your Messenger system can be set up on Linux or Windows.

Messenger features include the following:

  • Sending instant messages in a secure environment (user authentication through eDirectory and SSL encryption of messages)

  • Creating a contact list and displaying user information from the contact list (based on user information already available in eDirectory)

  • Displaying user presence (online, busy, away, idle, and so on)

  • Blocking others from seeing your presence

  • Creating custom statuses to define your presence

  • Participating in multi-user conversations

  • Saving personal conversations

  • Creating and searching a corporate-level conversation archive

  • Broadcasts

  • Personal history

  • Chat rooms

A Messenger system consists of three software components (Messaging Agent, Archive Agent, and Messenger snap-in to ConsoleOne) and various eDirectory objects where Messenger configuration information is stored. This Messenger 3.0 Installation Guide lists system requirements, helps you plan and install your Messenger system, and describes the easiest way to distribute the Novell Messenger client software to users. The Novell Messenger 3.0 Administration Guide describes your Messenger system in detail and helps you configure and manage your Messenger system to meet your users’ needs.