II Novell Identity Server Configuration

In Access Manager, the Identity Server is responsible for authenticating users, building the user’s role information, and distributing it to the various components. It also serves as the central point for components that request identity information.

This section of the Administration Guide describes the following topics:

For conceptual information about Identity Server maintenance tasks, such as auditing, logging, and health monitoring, see Section VII, Monitoring Access Manager Components.

For conceptual information about Liberty and SAML, see the appropriate sections in Section IX, Appendixes.

This section of the administration guide is intended to help you understand and configure the Identity Server for authentication, and includes advanced topics. It is recommended that you first become familiar with the information in the Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Setup Guide, which is intended to familiarize you with Access Manager and helps you understand how to perform a basic Identity Server configuration, cluster servers, set up a resource protected by an Access Gateway, and configure SSL. The Basic Setup and Administration guides are designed to work together, and important information and setup steps are not necessarily repeated in both places.