A.0 About Liberty

The Liberty Alliance is a consortium of business leaders with a vision to enable a networked world in which individuals and businesses can more easily conduct transactions while protecting the privacy and security of vital identity information.

To accomplish its vision, the Liberty Alliance established an open standard for federated network identity through open technical specifications. In essence, this open standard is a structured version of the Security Assertions Markup Language, commonly referred to as SAML, with the goal of accelerating the deployment of standards-based single sign-on technology.

For general information about the Liberty Alliance, visit the Liberty Alliance Project Web site.

Liberty resources, including specifications, white papers, FAQs, and presentations can be found at the Liberty Alliance Resources Web site.

The following table provides links to specific Liberty Alliance specifications:

Table A-1 Liberty Alliance Links

Liberty Specification


Liberty Alliance Project Overview

Liberty Alliance Project Overview

Liberty White Papers


Identity Federation Specifications

Liberty ID-FF 1.2 Specification

Web Service Framework Specifications

Liberty ID-WSF 1.1 Specifications

Liberty Profile Service Specifications

Liberty Alliance ID-SIS 1.0 Specifications

Support Documentation (Glossary, Trust Model, Metadata Description, etc.)

Liberty Alliance Support Documents

OASIS Standards (SAML)

Oasis Standards