2.6 Running the Diagnostic Configuration Export

To create an .ldif file that you can export for diagnostic purposes:

  1. Change to the /opt/novell/devman/bin directory.

  2. Run the following command from root: ./amdiagcfg.sh.

  3. Enter the Access Manager administration user ID.

  4. Enter the Access Manager password.

  5. Re-enter the password for verification.

  6. Press Enter.

The diagnostic configuration export utility is almost identical to the backup utility with two differences: the ZIP file is not created, and the final LDIF file is scanned to have passwords removed. Passwords are blanked out by a program called Strippasswd.

Strippasswd removes occurrences of passwords in the LDIF file, replacing them with empty strings. If you look at the LDIF file, you will see that password strings are blank. You might see occurrences within the file or text that looks similar to password=“String”. These are not instances of passwords, but rather definitions that describe passwords as string types.

The LDIF file can then be sent to Novell Support for help in diagnosing configuration problems.