G.15 NIDS: Failed to Provision a User Account (002e000f)

This event is generated when you select the User Account Provisioned Failure option under Novell Audit Logging on the Logging page of an Identity Server configuration.

Description: NIDS: Failed to provision a user account

Originator (B): Schema Title: Originator Data Description: JCC Device ID (AMDEVICEID#device_id:)

Target (U): Schema Title: User Store Identifier Data Description: Displayable User Name

SubTarget (Y): null

Text1 (S): Schema Title: User Identifier Data Description: Authentication User Name

Text2 (T): Schema Title: Reason Data Description: Reason Message

Text3 (F): null

Value1 (1): 0

Group (G): 0

Data Length (X): 0

Data (D): null