G.19 NIDS: Connection to User Store Replica Reestablished (002e0013)

This event is generated when you select the LDAP Connection Reestablished option under Novell Audit Logging on the Logging page of an Identity Server configuration.

Description: NIDS: Connection to user store replica reestablished

Originator (B): Schema Title: Originator Data Description: JCC Device ID (AMDEVICEID#device_id:)

Target (U): Schema Title: User Store Replica Name Data Description: Replica name

SubTarget (Y): null

Text1 (S): Schema Title: User Store Replica Host Data Description: IP Address of User Store replica server

Text2 (T): null

Text3 (F): null

Value1 (1): 0

Group (G): 0

Data Length (X): 0

Data (D): null