G.42 J2EE Agent: Clear Text Access Allowed (002e0407)

This event is generated when you select the Allowed clear text access option in the Audit Configuration section of the Server Configuration page for the J2EE Agents.

Description: J2EE Agent: Clear text access allowed

Originator (B): Schema Title: Originator Data Description: JCC Device ID (AMDEVICEID#device_id:)

Target (U): Schema Title: User Identifier Data Description: User DN

SubTarget (Y): Schema Title: Source IP Address Data Description: User IP Address

Text1 (S): Schema Title: Authentication Identifier Data Description: IDP Session ID (AMAUTHID#auth_id:)

Text2 (T): Schema Title: Permission Requested Data Description: Web User Data Permission

Text3 (F): Schema Title: Event Identifier Data Description: Event Tracking Identifier

Value1 (1): 0

Group (G): 0

Data Length (X): 0

Data (D): null