2.6 Access Gateway Requirements

The Access Gateway runs on any NetWare 6.5 supported platform. The Linux version runs on SLES 9 SP3. It has the same features on both platforms. Select one or the other based on your network preferences. You install the Access Gateway on a separate machine because it clears the hard drive and sets up a soft appliance environment.

The Access Gateway requires the following hardware:

The Access Gateway has no software requirements. The installation program for the Access Gateway re-images the hard drive, embeds the operating system (either NetWare or Linux), then configures the embedded operating system for optimal performance.

Before proceeding with the Access Gateway installation, make sure you have a static IP address for your Access Gateway server and an assigned DNS name (host name and domain name). You need to know the following about your network:

You are prompted to enter this information during the install. For installation instructions, see

Clients, when accessing resources protected by the Access Gateway, can use any browser or operating system.