2.4 Administration Console Requirements

The Access Manager Administration Console, which you install on Linux, is a modified version of iManager. After you have installed the Administration Console, the installation scripts for the other components (Identity Server, Access Gateway, SSL VPN, and J2EE Agents) auto-import their configurations into the Administration Console.

IMPORTANT:The Administration Console is the first component you install. If you have iManager installed for other products, you still need to install this version on a separate machine. You also cannot add other iManager product plug-ins to this Administration Console.


The Access Manager Administration Console has the same hardware requirements as the SLES operating system with one exception. It requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. Because the Administration Console is installed with an embedded version of eDirectory, which is used as the configuration store for Access Manager, the machine has the following software and hardware requirements:

Browser Support

To access the Administration Console after it has been installed, you need a workstation with a browser. You can use one of the following:

IMPORTANT:Browser pop-ups must be enabled to use the Administration Console.

For Administration Console installation instructions, see Installing the Access Manager Administration Console.