9.3 Uninstalling the Administration Console

Only the primary version of the Administration Console contains the Certificate Authority. If you uninstall this version, you can no longer use Access Manager for certificate management. You will need to promote a secondary console to be the primary console. See Installing Secondary Versions of the Administration Console in the Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Setup Guide.

To uninstall the Administration Console:

  1. Insert CD 1 into the drive.

  2. Log in as the root user or equivalent.

  3. At the command prompt of the Novell Access Manager directory, enter the following:

  4. Select one of the following options:




    All Access Manager components (including the config store and iManager)


    Select specific components to uninstall


    Forcefully uninstall all components (not recommended)

    Use this option after a failed installation; otherwise use 1 or 2 to uninstall Access Manager components.


    Quit without uninstalling