8.2 Upgrading the Identity Server

Upgrade running time: about three minutes.

IMPORTANT:Make sure to complete the following before you begin:

  • If you are upgrading the Access Manager components on multiple machines, ensure that time and date are synchronized on all machines.

  • Make sure that the Access Manager Administration Console is running. However, you must not perform any configuration tasks in the Administration Console during an Identity Server upgrade.

To upgrade to 3.0 SP4 IR2:

  1. Back up any customized JSP pages and related files. The upgrade process replaces all JSP pages in the /opt/novell/nids/lib/webapp/jsp directory.

  2. Open a terminal window.

  3. Log in as the root user.

  4. Download the upgrade file from Novell and extract the file.

    One of the extracted files contains the Administration Console, the Identity Server, and SSL VPN. For the actual filename, see the Readme.

  5. After downloading the upgrade, unpack the tar.gz file using the following command:

    tar -xzvf <filename>

    For this installation, you need to unpack the Identity Server .tar.gz file.

  6. Open the unpacked Identity Server file, and enter the following at the terminal window:

  7. When prompted to install a product, type 2 to select Install Novell Identity Server, then press the Enter key.

    The system detects whether an Identity Server is installed, and prompts you whether to upgrade.

  8. Type Y, then press the Enter key.

  9. If you have backed up your custom JSP pages or you haven’t created any, answer Y to prompt to continue the upgrade. Otherwise, answer N and back up the custom JSP pages before upgrading.

  10. Review and accept the License Agreement.

  11. Press Enter to accept the current Administration Console IP address.

  12. Specify the name of the administrator for the Administration Console.

  13. Specify the administration password.

  14. Confirm the password, then wait as the system installs the components. (This takes several minutes.)

    The following components are installed:

    • Novell Access Manager Server Communications: The components necessary to enable network communications, including identifying devices, finding services, moving data packets, and maintaining data integrity.

    • Novell Identity Server: The component of Novell Access Manager that provides authentication and identity services for the other Access Manager components and third-party service providers.

    • Novell Identity Server Configuration: The configuration that allows the Identity Server to be securely configured by the Administration Console.

      If the installation process terminates at this step, the probable cause is a failure to communicate with the Administration Console. Ensure that you entered the correct IP address.

    • Novell Access Manager Server Communications Configuration: The communication configuration that enables the Identity Server to auto-import itself into the Administration Console.

    This completes the Novell Identity Server upgrade. The install logs are located in /tmp/novell_access_manager. These logs are all dated and time-stamped.