3.2 MySQL Data Store

When the logging server loads the MySQL Channel object configuration, the MySQL channel driver, lgdmsql, automatically creates the data store’s table using the following table structure:

Image displaying the MySQL table structure

The table name is defined in the MySQL Channel object configuration page. The default table name is NAUDITLOG.

The MySQL Channel uses MyIsam as its database engine; therefore, the default maximum table size using MySQL 4.1 is 4 GB. MySQL 5.0 limits table sizes to 65,536 TB. Table size may be further constrained by the maximum file size your operating system can manage.

IMPORTANT:If the SQL server data volume runs out of disk space, any clients logging events will freeze and need to be restarted.

If you need larger tables, use the max_rows and avg_row_length commands in the MySQL Channel object’s Create Table Options property.

For more information on the MySQL channel, see MySQL and Using MySQL with Novell Audit in the Novell Audit 2.0 Administration Guide.