10.4 Uninstalling Novell Audit

  1. Remove all Novell Audit objects in the tree.

    IMPORTANT:You need to remove the Novell Audit objects before you remove the schema to ensure that all classes and attributes relating to the objects are also removed.

  2. Launch AuditExt at the server console.

    • On NetWare, enter sys:\system\auditext.nlm
    • On Windows, enter \program files\novell\nsure audit\auditext.exe
    • On Linux, enter /opt/novell/naudit/auditext
    • On Solaris, enter /opt/NOVLnaudit/auditext
  3. Specify your admin username and password.

  4. Select Remove Schema Extensions, then press Enter.

    AuditExt removes the Logging Services container and all of its objects.

    IMPORTANT:Novell Audit objects located outside the Logging Services container must be manually deleted.

  5. Exit the AuditExt utility.

  6. Uninstall the naudit plug-in from the iManager Configuration page.

    NOTE:If you are upgrading Novell Audit, you do not need to uninstall the previous version of the Novell Audit plug-in module. Simply install the new naudit plug-in.

    1. Click the Configure button iManager Configure Button on the iManager toolbar.

    2. In the Configure view, expand the Module Installation Role, then select the Installed Novell Plug-in Modules task.

    3. Select the Novell Audit plug-in module.

    4. Click Uninstall.

  7. Remove the Novell Audit program files.

    IMPORTANT:Removing the Novell Audit program files does not remove the Novell Audit plug-in for iManager. Therefore, before you remove the Novell Audit program files, you must uninstall the Novell Audit plug-in module from the iManager Configuration page. For more information, see Step 6.

    • Netware. Delete the following files and directories:

      • sys:\system\naudit\
      • auditagt.ncf
      • auditDS.nlm
      • auditext.nlm
      • auditNW.nlm
      • auditsvr.ncf
      • Disconnected Mode Cache directory
      • lcache.nlm
      • lengine.nlm
      • channel drivers (lgd*.nlm)
      • logevent.nlm
      • logevent.cfg
      • LSC files (*.lsc)
      • mdb.nlm

      For the location of these files and directories, see Section I.2, Program Directories.

    • Windows.

      • Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs to launch the Add or Remove Programs Wizard.
      • Select Novell Audit and click Change/Remove.
      • In the InstallShield Wizard, select Remove and click Next.
      • In the confirmation dialog box, click OK to remove Novell Audit and its installed components from your system.
    • Linux. Enter the following:

      • rpm -e novell-AUDTlogserver
      • rpm -e novell-AUDTplatformagent
      • rpm -e novell-mdb
      • rpm -e novell-AUDTedirinst
      • rpm -e novell-AUDTauditplugin
    • Solaris. Enter the following:

      • pkgrm NOVLaudin
      • pkgrm NOVLaudit
      • pkgrm NOVLaudpa
      • pkgrm NOVLaudpl
      • pkgrm NOVLmdb