10.2 Verifying the Secure Logging Server Configuration

To verify the configuration used by the Secure Logging Server, review the Audit events logged to the data store.

The Novell Audit Instrumentation logs an event every time the Secure Logging Server loads a Channel, Notification, or Application object. It also logs an event each time a Channel driver fails to load or if there is a bad Heartbeat or Notification configuration. Therefore, by reviewing your system’s Audit the Auditor events, you can determine if your logging server is performing the way you expect.

For a complete list of Audit the Auditor events, see Section B.4, Novell Audit Events.

To review the Audit the Auditor events, you can query the events in iManager or Novell Audit Report. For more information, see Defining Queries in iManager or Section 8.2.9, Working with Queries in Novell Audit Report.

For additional information on verifying your installation, see Verifying the Installation in the Novell Audit 2.0 Installation Guide.