H.8 NauditPAConfig

The Platform Agent Configuration Tool provides a graphical interface to manage Novell Audit Platform Agents. This tool operates by making changes to the logevent.cfg file, which contains configuration settings for the Platform Agent.

To make configuration changes, you can either open and edit an existing logevent.cfg configuration file, or create a new logevent.cfg file. When your changes are complete, the updated file must be saved in the correct location for your changes to be applied.

The Platform Agent Configuration tool Java Archive file is located in the following directories:

Table H-7 NauditPAConfig Directories






\program files\novell\nsure audit\nauditpaconfig.jar





For a description of each available parameter, see Logevent.

H.8.1 Running the Platform Agent Configuration Tool

To use the Platform Agent Configuration Tool, you must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your workstation. It is also helpful to add the location of your JRE to the path environment variable, though this isn’t required if you specify the full path to the Java executable.

To launch the Platform Agent Configuration tool, execute the following command at a console, from the folder where the nauditpaconfig.jar file is located:

java -jar nauditpaconfig.jar