2.3 Reporter Role

To have access to the Reports menu panel, you must be assigned the Reporter or Administrator role. The Reporter panel section is where they can create and run custom reports of the incidents and status of active and closed incidents, review the status of active tickets, as well as review the overall status of submitted incidents. This access is beneficial for IT managerial staff for reporting the efficiency of the department.

A reporter has access to the Incident and Reporter menu panels. The is a valuable tool to view how your business team members are performing. The Reporter can view the following statistics:

The Knowledge Base is where Technicians have access to search all Helpdesk tickets by the incident description, queue, and date. This enables technicians to search for solutions to similar problems. This is an invaluable time-saving feature for IT staff.

Figure 2-2 Helpdesk Status Board

2.3.1 Customizing a Search

In the Custom section, you can search by user, tech assigned to Helpdesk ticket, queue level, and status of Helpdesk ticket.

  1. In the User field of the Incident Report page, you can specify the username of the individual who submitted the desired Helpdesk ticket.

  2. In Queue drop-down menu, specify the queue level of the desired Helpdesk ticket.

  3. In the Tech field, specify the name of the assigned Helpdesk technician. As you type the name of a technician, a drop-down field populates. Select the appropriate technician.

  4. In the Status field, narrow your search by selecting the appropriate activity level of the desired helpdesk ticket.

  5. Press Enter on your keyboard to carry out the search.