2.1 Helpdesk User

Helpdesk provides an online resource for employees to report problems and to check the status of their submitted incident tickets. This allows Helpdesk users the reassurance that their incidents have been received by support teams.

A Helpdesk user has the most basic access in Helpdesk application. A user only has access to the Incident menu panel. From this panel, users have access to add or look up a Helpdesk ticket. After they are logged in, the Helpdesk users are directed to the Add New Incident page.

Figure 2-1 Add New Incident page

2.1.1 User Directions for Submitting a Helpdesk Ticket

  1. On the Add New Incident page, click Add. In the Problem field, specify a description of your error. Be sure to write a detailed and accurate description of the problem. This allows for a speedier solution to be provided.

  2. In the Queue field, select the appropriate category for your problem:

    • General: Miscellaneous problems.

    • Network: Port connectivity issues.

    • Server: Problems pertaining to account setup on the server.

    • Workstation: Problems pertaining to your issued laptop or desktop.

  3. In the Priority field, select the appropriate rank for your problem:

    • Fatal: Lost capability to critical systems.

    • Critical: Lost capability to non-critical systems.

    • Urgent: Important conflict not pertaining to work.

    • High: Concerns relating to items needed for productivity.

    • Medium: Concerns relating to access needed.

    • Low: Nice to have, but not needed to accomplish tasks.

    • Informational: A communication that does not need any action, such as Account deactivation.

  4. (Optional) In the Attachment field, click Browse to browse to and insert an appropriate attachment, such as a log file or screen shot.

  5. Click Open Incident to submit the incident ticket.

2.1.2 User Directions for Searching for a Helpdesk Ticket

  1. Click Lookup to check on a submitted incident ticket.

  2. Sort tickets by clicking the following headings: ID, Date, Priority, Status, or Technician Assigned.

  3. Click Details to see specifics on your chosen Helpdesk ticket. You are directed to the View Incidents page.

  4. On the View Incident page, check the information about your incident.

    • Assigned Technician: Name of technician who is working on your ticket.

    • Solution: A detailed description of the answer to your problem.