1.2 Product Overview

Novell Nsure Audit is a centralized, cross-platform auditing service. It collects event data from multiple applications across multiple platforms and writes the data to a single, non-repudiable data store. Nsure Audit is also capable of creating filtered data stores. Based on criteria you define, Nsure Audit captures specific types of events and writes those events to secondary data stores.

After you have collected the data, the next challenge is making sense of it. Using the query and report generating tools included with Nsure Audit Report, you can evaluate the information in your data stores to determine resource access, usage patterns, and overall compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

Although queries and reports are invaluable in reviewing system activity, sometimes you need to know what is happening on your system as it happens. Therefore, Nsure Audit provides real-time notifications and real-time monitoring so you can assess and act on events as they occur.

To some extent, Nsure Audit can even automate the process of responding to events in real time. The Critical Value Reset (CVR) channel allows you to flag Directory attributes with reset policies. If the value of a given attribute is changed, the CVR channel resets the value as per the policy defined in the CVR Channel object. For example, if your organization has a policy prohibiting security equivalence, you can create a CVR Channel object that automatically resets the Security Equals attribute to a null value if it is ever reset by an administrator.

We understand that security standards are becoming increasingly rigorous. In order to manage liability and protect assets, organizations need to be able to provide a record of all their electronic proceedings and to identify when business policies are being violated. With real-time monitoring, notifications, and historical reporting capabilities, Novell Nsure Audit can give you the facts you need to make informed decisions and ensure the safety of your most valuable corporate asset—its information.