4.3 Upgrading Novell Cluster Services from NetWare 6 to NetWare 6.5

To upgrade NetWare 6 servers running Cluster Services to NetWare 6.5 servers running Cluster Services, do the following:

  1. Install NetWare 6.5 Cluster Server Licenses on your NetWare 6 cluster servers using iManager prior to upgrading them to NetWare 6.5.

    Since licenses for a two-node cluster are included with NetWare 6 and with NetWare 6.5, this is only necessary if you are upgrading a three-node or larger cluster. Additional Cluster Server Licenses can be obtained from Novell or from your Novell Authorized Reseller.

  2. Upgrade your NetWare 6 servers to NetWare 6.5. To do this, follow the instructions in Upgrading to NetWare 6.5 SP6 in the NW65 SP8: Installation Guide.

    The latest Cluster Services files are automatically copied to each server during the server upgrade process. When each server reboots after being upgraded, new Cluster Services software will automatically load.