6.0 Administering NetStorage

You can use Novell® iManager to change your NetStorage configuration after NetStorage has been installed on a NetWare® server (known as the Middle Tier or XTier server). NetStorage configuration information is stored in the NetWare registry and iManager provides an easy method for changing NetStorage registry entries. iManager requires Internet Explorer 5 or later.

If you are running in a clustered environment, any registry changes made to one node in the cluster must be made to the registry of each node in the cluster. After you have made a change to one node, run iManager on each node in the cluster and make the same changes. For more information about running NetStorage in a clustered environment, see Configuring NetStorage with Novell Cluster Services in the Novell Cluster Services Resource Configuration Guide.

IMPORTANT:After changing any settings, you must reboot your NetWare server or restart the Apache Web server. At the server console, enter Ap2WebDn to stop the Web server and then enter Ap2WebUp to restart the Web server.