6.4 Example 4: Printing Is Slow

You received several reports that printing is slow.

  1. Open Novell Remote Manager.

    You see that the Print Manager is in an error state.

    Novell Remote Manager Summary
  2. Click the Print Manager.

    No Printer Agents appear in an error state, but the Current NDPS Manager Status is in an error state.

    Print Manager Health Monitor Summary
  3. Click Advanced NDPS Manager Information.

    Two of the interfaces, Client and NDS, are in an error state.

    Advanced Print Manager Summary
  4. Click Client Interface.

    The Bind to Printer Agent is highlighted in yellow, showing that it has exceeded the thresholds set for this statistic.

    Client Interface Page
  5. Click Bind to Printer Agent to display the statistics.

    Client Interface Screen with Bind to Printer Agent Selected

    The statistics show that in the last hour, 22 of the last 30 operations used excessive time and the average time to bind was 16 seconds.

  6. Click Back > NDS Interface.

    Advanced Print Manager Summary
  7. Click the File Server Containing Replica for Falcon3.

    You can see that some of the statistics are using excessive time.

    NDS Interface Screen
  8. Click Latest NDS Events to determine the NDS events that are using excessive time.

    Because some client interface operations are dependent on eDirectory™, you want to ensure that eDirectory is healthy.

    Figure 6-1 Latest NDS Events Log

    As you review the Latest NDS Events log, you see the Print Manager is receiving Get Effective Rights errors.

  9. Using Novell Remote Manager, you can troubleshoot why this operation is taking so long. You can use Novell Remote Manager to view if DS is loaded and open, to view the DS thread usage, and to access NDS iMonitor for more in-depth information.