C.5 Tracking Jobs from a Workstation

Figure C-5 Tracking Jobs Flowchart

C.5.1 Pause output of printer (E1)

One method of troubleshooting is putting stops in the printing process and then resending a job and testing how far in the process the job gets. The first stop you can make is pausing the printer output.

Pausing printer output is a common technique used when troubleshooting printing; it forces iPrint to spool your print job and save it as a file. Stopping and evaluating the printing process midway helps you to identify early problems and limits your troubleshooting to a few components.

To pause printer output for a controlled access printer:

  1. In Novell iManager, click iPrint > Manage Printer.

  2. Browse to and select the printer you want.

  3. Click the Pause Output button.

    The Pause Output button changes to Resume Output.

C.5.2 Check job list in Novell iManager (E2)

You can view the job list for a printer from Novell iManager, the server console, or the workstation Printer Manager. To view the job list from Novell iManager, see Managing Print Jobs.

C.5.3 Resume printer output (E3)

To resume printer output for a controlled access printer, do the following:

  1. In Novell iManager, click iPrint > Manage Printer, then select the printer you want to control.

  2. Click the Resume Output button.

    The Resume Output button changes to a Pause Output button.

C.5.4 Job printed this time but nothing was changed (E4)

If the job printed now, there is no authoritative explanation as to why it didn’t print the first time. If you followed these steps, no configurations have been changed; the job was only paused and released. Try printing the job again and see if normal printing continues. If not, try pausing the printer again and see if any other symptoms occur.

C.5.5 Job did not print and is still in the job list (E5)

If the job does not print and is still in the job list, then check for job holds, delays, and priority settings.

C.5.6 Job did not print but is no longer in the job list (E6)

If the job did not print, but it is not in the job list, then the job was sent to the printer and no error was reported back to the system. Check these issues:

  • Are you are checking the correct physical printer?

  • Are you are using the correct printer driver in your application?

  • Are your drivers and printers talking the same language (for example, Postscript or PCL)?