C.8 Problems Integrating with Queue-Based Components

Figure C-8 Queue-based Printing Issues Flowchart

C.8.1 Check the printer’s spooling configuration (H1)

Make sure the printer is configured to service the queue you are expecting the job to go to. See Setting Print Job Spooling for more information.

C.8.2 Reconfigure spooling for this printer (H2)

The spooling configuration specifies a different queue than the one you want this printer to service. See Setting Print Job Spooling for information on how to configure job spooling.

C.8.3 Check the job list for the queue (H3)

Make sure the job is actually getting to the queue.

C.8.4 Make sure the job is being redirected to the queue properly (H4)

Many applications are not designed for network printing. CAPTURE is a command line utility that configures print job redirection from applications not designed for NetWare print services.