11.0 Using Groups and Group Operations

Novell® Remote Manager lets you build and use server groups and perform similar operations on them or run reports to collect data from multiple servers.

This section includes instructions for accomplishing the following tasks:

NOTE:In previous version of Novell Remote Manager, part of this functionality was in the Use Server Groups category.

The following figure shows a group created to monitor servers throughout the world. These servers show various statuses. From this group, you can not only monitor server health, ping, and printer health statuses but perform various operations and run reports on this server group.

Figure 11-1 Example Server Group

Server group monitoring operation with servers in the several countries throughout the world on a world map. The status shown are green circle (good), yellow diamond (suspect), red line (bad), and black x (no connection).

You can perform the following tasks on servers that are running the NetWare® 6.5 version of Novell Remote Manager:

Using this feature involves performing one or more of the following tasks:

  1. Building and Configuring a Monitoring Group.

  2. (Optional) Saving a Group.

    You only need to perform this step if you want to use the group at a later time.

  3. Performing Synchronizing Operations on Server Groups or Generating and Viewing Server Comparison Reports.

    The monitoring operations start immediately. Other tasks such as performing operations or running reports require additional steps.

  4. (Conditional) Accessing an Existing Group.