3.5 Repair Utility

A NetWare integrated installation (using NIS) is the recommended way of installing or upgrading DNS/DHCP services. The dnipinst.nlm program is capable of performing the installation or upgrade of DNS/DHCP services. This NLM™ must be used for fixing post-installation problems and while removing the DNS/DHCP schema and objects from the tree. For example, if base objects (Group, RootSrvrInfo zone, Locator) are deleted, if the DNS/DHCP services schema is corrupted, or if you need to remove DNS/DHCP schema and objects from the tree.

The DNS/DHCP services installation extends the necessary schema and creates the base objects. The DNS server object is not created as part of this installation. You can create the DNS server object by using the management utilities.

This NLM provides the following functionality:

The usage display for this NLM can be seen on the logger screen by using the –? option.

NOTE:The dnipinst.nlm utility might prompt for the contexts of the base objects. The contexts of the existing base objects must be entered correctly. If the wrong context is provided, multiple base objects will be created in the tree. These base objects will cause the management utilities and DNS/DHCP services to malfunction.